Shocking Cardinals Win Does More Harm Than Good

The Arizona Cardinals won against Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018.

Elizabeth Stover, Columnist

The Cardinals and the Packers have one of the longest NFL rivalries, but the Cardinals’ win against the Packers didn’t exactly benefit the team on paper. While it added another win to their record, instead of having first pick for the draft, they now have fifth since they no longer have the least wins. So, in the end, this win actually harmed more than helped.

The Arizona Cardinals started out as the Chicago Cardinals in 1898, then became the St. Louis Cardinals in 1960, before finally moving to Arizona in 1988. They officially became the Arizona Cardinals in 1994, and haven’t won on Green Bay grounds since. Until Sunday.

According to Cardswire, the Cardinals and Packers have a rivalry dating back to 1921. The Cardinals were the first team that the Packers played, and the game tied. Arizona Cardinals are now 9-27 with the Green Bay Packers, and none of those wins have been at the Lambeau Field. The Football Database shows that the Cardinals haven’t won a game against the Packers on the Lambeau Field since 1949, when they were still the Chicago Cardinals. Before 1949, they had eight other wins on Green Bay grounds, none of which came from the Arizona Cardinals. In total, since 1921, they have only won 26 out of 75 games and tied four times against the Packers.

Even though the Cardinals have won against the Packers a few times before, both the team and the fans were stunned by this win. Although this was huge for them, making it the first win on Green Bay grounds since they came to Arizona, it didn’t benefit them and just lessened their chances for a first round pick player.