Seton Slammed on Senior Night

Horizon Honors Boys’ Volleyball played Seton Catholic on Monday, April 29.

Elizabeth Stover, Columnist

Horizon Honors came onto the court with confidence and had outstanding support from the crowd. The stands were filled with students from our school, all in black to back the team. They were loud and exciting throughout the whole game, helping our school earn an outstanding win for senior night.

Horizon Honors beat Seton Catholic 3-0, and the game began with all of our seniors on the court. Matt Murphy, Gabe Knippers, Carlos Hernandez, Josh Lesio, Stephen McCollum, and Cody Laflin led our team off to a great start, winning the first set 25-13. In the following set, the two teams were neck-and-neck, and their scores remained close throughout the beginning of the set. As the game continued, however, Horizon Honors eventually secured a healthy lead and closed out the game 25-17.

Going into the final set, it practically mirrored the previous set. However, Seton gained a small lead this time. Horizon Honors, then, called a timeout to reorganize their strategy. As Horizon Honors got out of their hole, the scores were close for a majority of the game. By the end, they had gained a six point lead, and Horizon closed the game out 25-19.