Damian Kemper

Damian Kemper, Columnist

Damian is a senior at Horizon Honors, and has been attending the school for four years. This is his first year in journalism and he is very excited for the challenges this year will bring. He works hard at everything he does, and believes this is his best trait. When it comes to school, Damian looks forward to whatever experiences await him. Whether those experiences be in class or in a sport, they are all welcomed with opened arms.  His favorite class is art because it gives him the ability to openly express himself, which is incredibly important to him. Damian worked his way through beginning and intermediate art classes to reach Honors Art, and loved the experience.

Damian believes having strong relationships with family and friends is very important, and would rather spend time with those closest to him rather than go to large public events. He is content in himself, and looks forward to what the future will bring.

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First Cross Country Meet

First Cross Country Meet

September 17, 2013
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