Erika Sonnemann-Creed, Editor, Features & Extras

Erika Sonnemann-Creed is the world's #1 Nine Inch Nails fan. This is an absolute fact.

She is also a senior; in the Horizon Sun, she serves as the official Features and Extras editor for the Horizon Sun, having served in this post for two years. Prior to this, she worked as a columnist for the 2016-17 school year under a different name. Because she's a spy. Yeah. Anyways, Erika joined the Horizon Sun three years ago in order to further her skills in writing, but discovered a new family in the process.

Outside of school, she typically stays at home all day, playing video games and listening to music. She takes her gaming time very seriously, and should never be disturbed while practicing her pro gamer skillz. She aspires to learn the bass guitar and the drums, but does not have the income for either, so instead she laments her inability to find any interesting facts about herself and plays air guitar while listening to music. Don't judge.

She's also trans, but that's not really important in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes life just throws you a curveball, and you gotta learn that it's okay to get smacked in the face by it a couple times. 😎


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