Famed Planters Mascot “Mr. Peanut” Dies in Freak NUTmobile Accident

He was a tough nut to crack, but we all die someday.



Mr. Peanut in his final moments.

Selina Fluty and Erika Sonnemann-Creed

In the final hours of the morning on Jan. 22, 2020, a deeply-beloved mascot that has played an iconic role in the American market for over 100 years passed away. Mr. Peanut’s Twitter account, renamed “The Estate of Mr. Peanut” after the tragedy, posted a 31-second video that took the world by storm. It revealed Mr. Peanut sacrificing himself to save Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes, according to E News.

In the heart-wrenching video, an armadillo crossing the road in front of Mr. Peanut’s NUTmobile forces the mascot to quickly swerve. The trio rockets out of the hatchback and find themselves holding onto a tree branch above a canyon. In a heroic sacrifice, our tragic hero lets go of his cane, dropping to the canyon floor below as Walsh and Snipes sob profusely. As he collides with the ground, a fireball of massive proportions erupts from the wreckage of the NUTmobile, incinerating Mr. Peanut to a peanut shell of his former self.

The death of this 104-year-old mascot has elicited extreme responses from all ends of the emotional spectrum. From perfectly nutty roasts to tragic outpourings of sympathy and grief, #RIPeanut trended above #TrumpImpeachmentTrial on Twitter after the announcement.

The outcome of Mr. Peanut’s unexpected death remains to be seen. Some believe that he will be replaced by a new mascot; others expect a triumphant resurrection from the brink of death. Planters is expected to make a more in-depth announcement during the Superbowl LIV. The New York Post writes that brand manager Samantha Hess alerted peanut butter fans and those allergic to legumes alike that a funeral that will be aired during the third quarter of the game. Due to the explosion, many assume it will be a closed-can proceeding.

The death of Mr. Peanut created waves internationally, with brands, celebrities, and the public still reeling from this devastating loss. Whether you prefer a honey-roasted snack or slap crunchy peanut butter on everything in sight, pour a jar out for a legend.