John Niemeyer

John Niemeyer, Columnist

John Niemeyer is currently a sophomore at Horizon Honors. Niemeyer seeks the truth and the full story only. One of his favorite things to do is to learn about mechanics. He likes to fix things too; although he could use some improving,, he still repairs things nonetheless. Born in Chandler, Arizona, Niemeyer is six foot one, has blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes. He is very funny and enjoys making people laugh. Some of his passions include cars and aviation. In his spare time when he isn’t working on homework or fixing stuff, he is usually found swimming or playing video games. Currently, he enjoys playing  “Forza Motorsport 6.” Unsurprisingly, he has no pet peeves whatsoever. He has two dogs and one cat, as well as a puppy on the way. He is mostly quiet and reserved, and gets on no one's bad side. His favorite school subjects are math and science. He also has experience with, writing scripts, both monologues and dialogues.  

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