Mr. President’s Plans for 2021

President-Elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Boston Herald

President-Elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

John Niemeyer, Columnist

Many presidential policies are complex, and since the election of President-Elect Joe Biden, there are many people wondering what he has in store for our country. Here’s a breakdown of what he has said he plans to do and how it will all come together:

One of Biden’s key points he plans to touch down on is the coronavirus. According to BBC, Biden plans “to provide free testing for all and hire 100,000 people to set up a national contact-tracing program.” Another order of business Joe Biden plans on investing in is green energy. Supposedly, this is supposed to cut down carbon emissions, though there are lots of complications in doing so. “He is proposing a $17tn (trillion) federal investment in green technologies research, some of which overlap with the funding in his economics plan, to be spent over the next 10 years, and wants the U.S. to reach net zero emissions by 2050,” according to BBC. Although this sounds very exquisite, there are some problems with this plan. The first problem is that America is in debt right now, and our money is already spread very thin from all the relief funds of COVID-19. If this plan goes through, big corporations that sell oil and produce gasoline could be shut down. Shutting them down would mean that thousands of jobs will be lost, hurting our economy even more. These are only some of the plans that our new president has, though. 

Another policy that Joe Biden has is to make all college enrollment free for students. One major problem with this is where the funding will come from. Biden knows that if he raises taxes, people will be very mad, which hurts the chances of having another term. This plan would hurt the economy just as much as the Green Energy Deal.  Though most of these plans and ideas sound very good in simple terms, everything in life costs money, and these plans are no exception.

Most of President-Elect Biden’s ideas are very strong and forward, However, his methods in doing so aren’t ideal. Nothing is free, and America is no stranger to that saying, but continuing to spend money where we already don’t have it is never going to solve anything. It’s backwards progression.