Marti Weary

Marti Weary, Rescue Copy Editor

Marti Weary is a senior at Horizon Honors. She is currently the rescue copy editor, saving the other editors when they are buried by work, and completing odd jobs to keep the class and the newspaper running smoothly. Marti enjoys picking up strange work and assignments because they offer a variety of challenges that keep life interesting.

When she isn't completing school assignments, Marti enjoys to knit and crochet. She has made many fun works such as stuffed cacti and fully crocheted scale-mail armor pieces. She also takes great enjoyment from music both obscure and popular, and has made a hobby of drawing cartoons and writing small stories. At the moment, Marti is still trying to determine where she will go to school in the future, but she hopes to one day enter a career involved in social sciences or the humanities.

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