Lauren Arenas
Lauren is a senior at Horizon Honors taking Journalism 5-6 Honors. She is the Student Opinion Editor for The Horizon Sun and is taking journalism for the first time this year. Writing and reading are two of Lauren's favorite things about school, and she is excited for the opportunity to better herself in those areas. Journalism has always been an interest for Lauren, but scheduling prevented her from taking the class at an earlier time. Senior year is the perfect time for her to expand her knowledge about the subject.

When Lauren is not writing and editing stories for the website, she is likely to be found on the volleyball court. She has played volleyball for six years, and has participated on the Varsity team since her sophomore year. Volleyball is an important part of her life, but Lauren also enjoys other activities such as reading and volunteering. Overall, Lauren likes to keep her life as well-balanced as possible, but she makes sure that she is always up for a challenge.

Lauren Arenas, Student Opinion Editor

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