Technology on Your Face!


Marty Rhey, Website Administrator

For over a decade, the technology of mobile devices has been advancing at an exponential rate. From the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy to the Droid, modern machines have never failed to amaze the public. However, there is something new coming from Google, a revolutionary project that will make connecting with the world more hands-free than it’s ever been.

Project Glass has been in development since August 2011 and is designed to be a hands-free pair of glasses that function like a smart phone. Nicknamed Google Glass, the product has a small viewing screen placed at the top right corner of vision and a camera with which people can take pictures and HD video with only a few simple voice commands. The device also includes a small touch pad for scrolling near the right ear.

This device takes communication to a whole new level; with Google Glass, you could take a picture of a scene, send it to your friend, and read their reply without ever having to look down at a phone. However, there has been some speculation that because the user can see the viewing screen at all times, it could become a major distraction when doing things such as driving or holding a conversation.  Furthermore, it wouldn’t be too hard to program the device with face recognition, so a user could look at someone and find out personal information with a glance.

Project Glass is just one step further into the evolution of technology. With information becoming increasingly more accessible, the invention of Google Glass, or something similar, was inevitable. Google Glass, with its versatility, has been called the “must have” gadget for 2013, as it is expected to come out for sale sometime near the end of this year.