Zach Asato at Chelsea Market

Head photographer Zach Asato was recognized through Woodsnap at NYC’s Chelsea Market.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

Asato was one of seven photographers chosen out of all that submitted their work.

It’s no small thing to have your work displayed in Chelsea Market, but 17-year-old Zach Asato, head photographer of the Horizon Sun, has done just that.

It all began because a company called Woodsnap that held a competition through Instagram in which photographers from anywhere could submit photos they had taken of NYC landscape or life by tagging the company. Asato admitted that, “there were many photographers who submitted and I was unsure of whether I would win,” but the announcement came as no surprise to many.

So when he was contacted about the win, Asato was ecstatic. Woodsnap would be printing his photograph and displaying it at NYC’s Chelsea Market, a destination that attracts “6 million national and international visitors annually, [and] it is one of the most trafficked, and written-about, destinations of any kind in New York City. Chelsea Market is a neighborhood market with a global perspective” (

So, big accomplishment, right? You betcha! Woodsnap had this beautiful shot printed on 3/4” thick sheet of birch wood to be displayed somewhere anyone might see it! Of course, this is an opportunity for business and acclaim as a photographer. We are extremely proud of the accomplishment, and can’t wait to see where this development leads him.
If you’re interested in more of Asato’s photography, check out: @zachasato on Instagram.