Parks for a Price

Some of the best memories can come from National Parks, so hold on to them! With the prices bumping up, there may not be another chance to make more for a while to come.

Emily Christian, Columnist

National Parks are always worth the price, but that price has started to go up. As time passes and the world changes, the National Park Service has decided to make a change, too, meaning they are bumping up the entry fees of America’s 17 favorite parks, including our Grand Canyon. Some parks will now charge $70 per vehicle rather than the $30 weekly pass during peak season. Other parks will raise the price to nearly triple its original—$25 to $70, according to The Washington Post.

These expenses do have a purpose, though, and it’s one we should be thankful for. Ryan Zinke, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, has clarified that they wish to use the money for improving  infrastructure and maintenance within their parks. Smaller exhibits within the parks, along with roads, facilities, parking lots, and buildings will see rehabilitation and improvement. The National Park Service expects to make $70 million per year, and put it all to use. Hopefully, our parks will soon improve to fit the new generations.