Go-To Gifts to Compliment Your Lightweight Wallet

These simple gifts are sure to both satisfy the receiver and prevent the giver from going penniless.

Emily Christian, Columnist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Life is good, the temperatures aren’t in the triple digits, and the holidays are right around the corner. That means everyone gets that one special thing they were asking for- at least, that’s what we hope. The truth is, we don’t live in an idealistic society. Shopping for friends and family takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Many of us don’t have at least two or three of the above. Thankfully, there are a variety of gifts that are sure to fit within a small budget.

Clothes are both a practical and popular gift option. If you don’t have much cash, H&M and Target have a huge assortment of men’s and women’s attire. H&M’s style is generally more expensive, though their prices are reasonable. Apart from these distributors, thrift stores such as Goodwill and Turnstyle sell all kinds of unique clothes and, if the store may, other gift options.

Gift cards from anywhere make perfect presents, too. Coffee lovers may want as little as $5 for a successful trip to Starbucks, Dutch Bros., or whichever provider they prefer. Any amount of money to an Amazon or Ebay gift card will excite someone who enjoys online shopping. Not only that, but the gifter doesn’t have to worry about buying something their friend or family member doesn’t want. Gift cards are also great presents for people who you don’t know well or aren’t personal with. Avid shoppers will also appreciate a gift that allows them to buy whatever they want.

Simple yet touching gifts that compliment one’s interests, hobbies, and even needs are always clever and appreciated. If someone close to you likes art or writing, get them a water color set, colored pencils, pens, a sketchbook, a journal; the list goes on. An extensive amount of healthcare and hygiene products make great gifts. Blankets and fuzzy socks are all-around winners for the people who will spend their time sleeping or binge-watching in bed. If you’re out of ideas, buy a mug or candy. Those who play or watch sports can be given gifts themed to their favorite team or helpful during training. I, as a figure skater suffering from the freezing early-morning rink temperatures, would love to have new gloves or a jacket. Of course, I have other things on my wish list, yet those who don’t know me well enough to buy something off of that would have the option of skating attire or books. If you know a reader, buy them a book! It doesn’t have to be a bestseller, just something that may fit their interest. Tip: read the summary on the back/in the cover page. Just knowing a little about a friend or colleague can give inspiration to a gift for them, if you’re interested in buying for them anyways.

If your budget is indeed very small, DIYs make for a nice gift–even if it’s your only option. I, as a middle school student who can’t legally work, used this sugar scrub recipe to make a gift for my grandma, and it didn’t involve me having to go to the store at all. Creating an album of photos for a person or putting together a themed gift basket is also a sentimental and thoughtful way to show you’re caring for someone. Searching further on The Horizon Sun, specifically under Features & Extras, you will come across cheap DIYs that could help with gifter’s block.

No matter who you’re buying for this holiday season, there’s an inexpensive alternative to already great gifts. The above examples are not a definite list, and if the person you’re buying for is already asking for something cheap, get them that! At the end of the day, loved ones, Secret Santas, or White Elephant receivers will appreciate the meaning of the gift, no matter the price tag.