Have a Trolley, Jolly Christmas

Jaidan Leonard, Columnist

Around Christmas time, friends and families enjoy walking around their neighborhoods to see lights. However, especially with younger kids, it can be difficult to keep everyone together and prevent them from running into the street. Renting a trolley is a great way to keep everyone moving and together.

A trolley is similar to a bus, but it is usually smaller depending on how many people go. It isn’t the kind of trolley that is connected and on tracks; it is the type that is driven freely. They are definitely warmer and more comfortable than buses. Most trolleys have cozy wood benches that are nice and warm and the back has a huge, about five-to-six seater bench that has soft cushions on top. Remember, not all trolley services are good!  Check their reviews beforehand.

Trolleys are better to use than walking because you can drive to neighborhoods at a quicker rate. It can be easier with young children because it prevents them from wandering off. They can also carry big groups of people without much struggle. All you have to do is call a trolley company, such as Scottsdale Ollie the Trolley, and then find enough people to go. It is about $600 for a ride, but rates differ per company. If you are getting one for Christmas, try to schedule ahead, because the rides get booked extremely fast around this time. You can rent a trolley with closed windows, or you can have an open trolley, which makes it easier to see the lights. It is a fun thing to do with friends and family, because you can talk, play games, and drink hot chocolate.

Remember to do your research, before investing in a big expense like this just to make  sure that you get the best experience possible. Riding a trolley is a fun, unique, and creative way to look at Christmas lights. It can be an easy way to get around, stay in a group, and you can stay nice and cozy. Remember to stay safe and have fun while drinking hot chocolate and observing lights with your closest friends and family.