Student Soldiers of the Salvation Army

On Dec. 2, Horizon Honors Key Club members volunteered their time to the Salvation Army as bell ringers. Among these students was Alexis Blasko, freshman, who readily shared positive feedback concerning the experience.

Naya Johnson, Editor of Campus Life

The Salvation Army is in need of more troops to help in their annual bell-ringing, and it found some numbers among Horizon Honors Key Club students, who gladly devoted their time. One of the Salvation Soldiers, Alexis Blasko, freshman, commended the organization for “killing with kindness” and recounts her time spent volunteering with them.

The Horizon Sun: Have you ever volunteered with the Salvation Army before? If so, why did you decide to volunteer your time to this organization?

Alexis Blasko: This was my first time. I liked the idea of being able to help out my community and I live close by, so that made it even better.

The Sun: What or who encouraged you to participate in this activity?

AB: I saw it on Google Classroom, and I said, “hey, my friends and I would like to do this,” so we signed up together and it was a blast.

The Sun: Do you know the Salvation Army story?

AB:  I don’t know a whole lot, but a woman I met there told me a story about how the Salvation Army provided relief during World War 2, and that they passed out hot chocolate for free, but the Red Cross didn’t, so now she only gives money to the Salvation Army.

The Sun: Now that you’ve heard it, what are your thoughts on the organization? Do you plan to work with them again?

AB:  I’d love to work with them again. I think that’s such an amazing idea and I think that’s a great thing to be a part of. It’s really inspiring.

The Sun: What was your most memorable moment from this experience?

AB: Probably talking to that old lady, but my friend and I were singing and dancing the whole time, and that was really cool, too.

The Sun: Would you say it was worth your time?

AB: Definitely. My mom and I are already talking about doing it again.

As is now obvious, volunteering with the Salvation Army is a cherishable experience that not only contributes to the neighborly atmosphere of the holiday season, but also proves to be an easy way to give back to your community.