History of Homecoming

Jaidan Leonard, Columnist

Homecoming is an exhilarating event for students throughout their high school years. Boys and girls try to ask each other to the dance in a sweet and creative way. As a tradition, there is a sports game before the dance to start the excitement after Chester Brewer, a college football coach, began the first homecoming around 1914. Since then, universities and high schools have kept the tradition going. Back then, the vote for queen and king was just as it is now, based on popularity, beauty, and academics.

As the trends along the years changed, so did the appearance. The outfits were always tuxedos and dresses. However, in the early days, they wore dresses that were in fashion at the time. Dresses with puffy sleeves and plain colors were what was normally worn. Nowadays we have all kinds of sleeves, necklines, lengths, fabrics, and variety of colors. The tuxedos, for the men, haven’t really changed much except for the style choice.

Homecoming is a special night and has been around for a long time. Some things have changed and some have not, like the traditions and outfits, but it has remained an amazing experience throughout the years. Horizon is keeping the tradition by having their 2017-2018 homecoming dance on Saturday, Jan. 20th. Get ready for a night of fun, Eagles!