Time to Show Some School Pride

We’ve got spirit, yes, we do… wait, do we?

Reese Bennett, Columnist

Homecoming just passed last week. Many activities were participated in, such as playing in or supporting the homecoming basketball games, a spirit week, tailgates, the homecoming dance, and more. One of the major events for homecoming was the pep rally. The school spirit in a few parts was… lacking. The student council was undoubtedly pumped up, as well as the 5-6 kids, but the secondary mass of students seemed to be missing some excitement. When the spirit stick was brought around and lifted up and down to see who could scream the loudest, the high school side was fairly quiet, except for the last turn they had to scream, and even that was weak. The middle school side was no better. There was a decent chunk of people who made noise, but unless I’m mistaken, I felt like the 5-6 kids did most of the screaming.

Of course, school can be irritating sometimes, and it’s not a requirement to love Horizon Honors in every way, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone in the secondary side to show a little more school spirit. That comes in other aspects besides the pep rally, too. According to mumblings rippling among at least middle schoolers, most all of them don’t like when the teachers do things like #Alwaysis or “make this historical photo into a meme.” Personally, I don’t like that either, but I can understand why the teachers do it, and it’s just five minutes of an unenjoyable assignment. I’d rather make a hashtag for my warm-up than have to write a paragraph on why some historical figure was inspirational. Plus, the teachers are just trying to make our assignments more enjoyable by making them relatable to our society and generation.

It’s not cool to not be in support of your school, either. If your friends are going to make fun of you for supporting the place that is educating you, developing your brain, and preparing you for the college and adult world, then they need to change, not you. Likewise, not all students blow off supporting Horizon Honors. There are lots of students who participate in spirit weeks, scream at pep rallies, engage themselves in clubs, spend their time fundraising, and do much more for the school. Nonetheless, for the less engaged folks, this place is a pretty amazing school, and it’s worth supporting. So, maybe next time a school related event is happening, whether it’s as big as a pep rally or as simple as a spirit week, you could give a shot at showing some school spirit. Who knows, maybe you’ll have fun!