Yo, Whaddup


Used with permission by Colton Peters

Colton Peters, Columnist

My first time staring at that door
I couldn’t help but think,
“What’s waiting on the other side,
New friends, new foes, and many unknown things.”
So nervously I walk through the door and take my seat
Because school is now in session.

What a long strange journey it has been
Since the day this road was twelve years long.
But that road eventually turned to seven
And before I knew, it had become four.
Now finally I’ve reached these last few months
And I can’t stop staring at that door.

Now I’m wondering what is out there
But I truly have no idea
Other than that it’s waiting.
But be it open arms or baring teeth,
You can let it know that I’m ready
Thanks to all the knowledge I’ve gained in here.

From simply adding one and two
To finding the square root of X over 183.
We studied ancient tribes in Peru,
And read classics from Chaucer to Mary Shelley.
Thanks to them, I can recite for you the Bill of Rights
Or tell you what causes the Northern Lights.

Now my time is coming to a close,
But there’s so much more I want to say,
Starting with a “sorry” and ending with a “thank you.”
It makes me wonder what they might say back.
But if they ask and I’m not here,
Tell them that they can catch one last glimpse
Of me, charging out that door.