Teacher Spotlight: Lori Sloan


ASU’s Class of 2013 graduated one of Horizon Honors’ new members, Lori Sloan.  She majored in her two favorite fields, physics and English.  She enjoys physics because of its relation to engineering, and English because she loves reading and writing. “I decided to become a teacher because when I was younger I loved helping, learning, and tutoring others,” she shared. Sloan’s hobbies include reading comics about superheroes and writing.

Sloan had to student teach in order to obtain her degree. Sloan stated that she applied to several schools, including Horizon Honors, in her job search. She exclaimed, “I applied to Horizon Honors because a lot of friends graduated from here and I hope to be teaching here for a long time.” When asked about her experience between Horizon Honors and Mountain Pointe, she compared class sizes. Mountain Pointe has a minimum of 28 students per class and a maximum of 40, while Horizon Honors has a maximum of 28 students per class. “The class behavior is much better than other schools I had taught at before,” Sloan said.