AIMS testing dates


Students prepare for the AIMS test by taking a practice test.

Serge Hattasch, Columnist

The season for AIMS test is here, and students are preparing to take the test. Middle school will take AIMS on April 7, and high school will take them on April 8 and 9. AIMS testing lasts from 8:00 to 10:55 for seventh graders, eighth graders, and freshmen, while sophomores will not finish until 11:30. Middle schoolers will continue AIMS testing again on April 17.

On Tuesday, the sophomores take the math portion of the AIMS test and on Wednesday, freshmen and sophomores currently taking Biology will take the science portion.

Freshmen will take the Stanford 10 on April 10.

There are several ways to prepare yourself for next week. Most important is to sleep early so you will be well-rested. You should also eat a healthy breakfast and skip sugary foods like candy, ice cream, and cookies. Be sure to get to school on time, and to come prepared to take the test. Don’t forget to dress appropriately and bring a sweater or jacket in case it gets cold in the testing room. It is suggested that students take a practice test before the actual test, available at

A water bottle is also suggested, as there is no food allowed in the gym. You should bring a book to enjoy or any homework you may have from classes to entertain you after you finish your test. Remember to keep your electronic devices in your backpack at all times; you can’t use your phone or MP3 players during the AIMS testing. The most important of all these tips is to remember to do your best and take your time.