Photo Highlights of Spring Fling

Spring Fling is a carnival-style event at Horizon Honors, where students, their friends, and their families are invited to come and have fun. There are rides, food, and games where students can win prizes. A majority of the attendees are Horizon Honors students, and all of the food and game booths are run by friendly student volunteers. There was a lot of hype for Spring Fling this year, and after a great night of fun games and rides, many students are looking forward to next year. Here are some photo highlights from this year’s festivities.

Photos by Arlayna Schooley

Damian and Lauren 002.JPG

Sophomore Noah Weiss and junior Anthony Airdo selling colorful cotton candy at Spring Fling.

Damian and Lauren 030.JPG

Horizon Honors middle schoolers pose for the camera as they enjoy their snacks.

Damian and Lauren 006.JPG

Students slides down the big slide brought in for the carnival.

Damian and Lauren 028.JPG

Elementary students are excited about the Spring Fling and getting on the blow up slide.


Damian and Lauren 018.JPG

A young Horizonite standing in line for her favorite ride can’t contain her excitement.

Damian and Lauren 050.JPG

Sophomores Natori Cruz and Madison Paige pose for the camera with their temporary mustaches.

Damian and Lauren 062.JPG

Tami Wright is so excited to hang out with two students that attended the Spring Fling.