Spectacular Spiritline

The Spiritline kicks it up a notch on Wednesday at their Stunt Clinic.


Photo Courtesy of Emmy Walker

Junior Natori Cruz, freshman Haley Greene, and juniors Madison Page and Bree Lientz practice stunts at their Spiritline Stunt Clinic.

Emmy Walker, Columnist

Horizon Honors’ Spiritline has been responsible for bringing out the team spirit in everyone. With their creative dances and passionate voices, students can’t help but get excited for the sports event they are witnessing. The Spiritline includes freshmen Alexa Page, Angelyka Radke, Haley Greene, McKenna Dunn, Nicole Leake, sophomores Arlayna Schooley and Cameron Vega, as well as juniors Alexis Piercy, Bree Lientz, Daisy Valentin, Destiny Lovely, Kai Farley, Madison Page, and Natori Cruz. Every one of them contributes to the team in their own way. I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and join the Spiritline at their stunt clinic to see how the magic happens.

At the clinic, the Spiritline students start by stretching and warming up. They then practice routines and dances, so that they will be prepared for any games or competitions where they will be performing. After this is when the fun happens! They begin practicing stunts and flips until they are confident in their ability to throw the flyer up and catch her swiftly and safely. Although these stunts may seem dangerous, the Spiritline is well prepared with mats and people to catch her in case the flyer falls.

Spiritline is a great way to practice dancing and stunting skills, but it is also an awesome way to make new friends. Freshman Angelyka Radke says that her favorite part about Spiritline is “the bond that we have together.” She also adds that it is a great way to make new friends and learn new stunts.

Horizon Honors’ Spiritline will be performing for basketball games and pep rallies, so be sure not to miss them!