Stay Warm This Winter With Eagle’s Nest Winter Wear

Purchase some fun winter clothes at the Eagle’s Nest and help support our school.

Brandon Bybee, Columnist

Horizon Honors has a new way to allow you to support the school, get some comfy winter clothes for the coming season, and show off your school spirit: the Eagle’s Nest, also known as the School Spirit Store. The Eagle’s Nest has clothes such as beanies, jackets, sweatshirts, and more. The money that is spent on clothes goes to the school, and it helps Horizon Honors sell more clothing, create more exciting activities such as the Spring Fling, restock vending machines, and support anything else that may need extra funding. Charlie Lewis, seventh grader, recently bought a beanie from the school store and said, “It [is] really comfortable and I like to wear it.” He himself had originally encouraged the Eagle’s Nest to stock beanies. If you have an idea for items to sell within the store, you can suggest it to the school store and have the possibility of it being made. All orders must be placed by Nov. 10, or they won’t be shipped. Support the school and stock up on warm clothes by buying from the Eagle’s Nest.