Brandon Bybee, Columnist

Brandon Bybee is a seventh grader in his fifth year at Horizon Honors and is hopeful as a columnist in his first year of Journalism. He spends his time playing video games, reading, drawing, and on the internet. Some of his favorite books are the “Harry Potter” series, the “Percy Jackson” series, and “Wonder.” Although Bybee’s skills at drawing aren’t that great, he is optimistic. He hopes to improve his writing skills and be able to write and type quicker over the years in Journalism. A fun fact about Bybee is that he has an eye disorder called Ptosis, which is where a muscle known as the levator in his eye doesn‘t work to its full potential. He has had five surgeries to help fix this problem, but none of them have fixed his eye completely. He hopes that one day the surgeries will entirely fix his eye, and he will be able to see perfectly.

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