Coca-Cola Give

A new twist on the classic box top donations.

Brandon Bybee, Columnist

Horizon Honors has recently joined the “Coca-Cola Give” program. This opens the school up to funding to help improve learning opportunities, and, donations don’t come out of your own wallet. You donate every time you buy a Coca-Cola product. Not only are you donating to your school, but getting a nice, refreshing Coca-Cola out of it, too. Codes can be found under all caps of various individual serving sizes, liter bottles, on plastic covering for canned cases, and inside the cardboard containers of 6 through 35 canned packs. You simply enter these codes at this website and our school receives a donation. Every code counts, so spread the word to friends and family. There will also be designated spots in each office to collect clean caps and/or cut-out labels with codes on them, so be sure to save what you can when purchasing Coca-Cola products, . purchase Coca-Cola items, enter the codes, and support our school.