New Year, New Book

The best moments of your school year, all in one book.


Poly Eagle by Blake Benefiel.

Amber Fretwell, Columnist

Get ready to buy your yearbook, filled with all of the memories, events, clubs, and classmates from yet another year at Horizon Honors. Yearbooks have been sold every year at Horizon Honors by the aptly-named Yearbook class. The Yearbook class spends literally hundreds of hours, even outside of class, working on these yearbooks to make them uniquely their own, and the best they can possibly be. Students purchase yearbooks to look back at every event from that year: spirit weeks, sports games, dances, and all of the friends who attended Horizon alongside them. When students buy yearbooks and keep them in the future, they are able to show their children what their high school was like or reflections on their experience. Yearbooks show images of many different moments captured in the year, and buying a yearbook can give you the opportunity to experience those everlasting memories yourself. Horizon is having an early-bird special where yearbooks are a mere $50 until November 2nd, whereupon the price will increase to $75. When you purchase a yearbook, you are even able to customize it and have your name and icons embedded into it for a look that is uniquely your own. You can buy as many as you like online at, and receive a 2018-19 copy of your own.