Nothin’ But Runnin’

A few highlights from the Horizon Honors Family Fun Run.


Kalyn McLeod

The Horizon Honors Family Fun Run taking off.

Kalyn McLeod, Managing Editor

Everyone had a fantastic day at the Horizon Honors Family Fun Run. Families from all different grade levels showed up to support their school. It rained hard a few days before the race, and concerns about not being able to run were floating around. But thankfully, the event was still on. Altogether, the 5k raised $3,791 for the Horizon Honors Capital Campaign, the Horizon Honors program which hopes to raise enough money for campus renovations, among other things. For more information, look here.

Amazing runners also showed off their speed as top finishers. Our top male student finishers were Gael Pacheco (eighth grade) with a time of 20:42.8, Carter Kappes (eighth grade) with an outstanding time of 19:47.4, and Jaxon Powers (eighth grade) with the fastest time of the entire race, with 19:19.2. Our female students were not to be outdone, with times of 21:33.7, 22:58.4, and 25:12.7, by Alanah Tadman (seventh grade), Zoe Marsh (fourth grade), and Halle Kappes (fifth grade), respectively.

Overall, this was a very successful event, and was enjoyed by many. Attendees are hopeful this event will take place again in the future. Here are a few photos from the event.