Halloween Day at Horizon Honors

Halloween is still not celebrated at Horizon Honors, and students believe that ought to change.

Julia Tucker, Columnist

Some students at Horizon Honors believe that Halloween should be celebrated at school. Personally, I believe that we should have a Halloween day at school where we get to wear costumes. I talked to Ann Huber, Horizon Honors’s Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, and asked why we can’t have a Halloween day. Huber said that we don’t celebrate holidays at Horizon Honors, as they can make students feel left out if they don’t celebrate them. She also talked about how school is meant to be a learning environment and wearing costumes would take away from that.   

I understand why we don’t have a Halloween costume day at school now, and I have to admit that my opinion has changed a bit. It is a good choice in the fact that some students may not celebrate Halloween; but I have never met a kid that doesn’t. I believe there’s still a way to make it work. 

I think that if we make it a spirit day then some kids can choose to participate or not, and it would make it a lot easier to be able to do this. I read the Horizon Honors e-blast, and we are having a spirit week the week before Halloween day. If we change the Friday of spirit week to encourage wearing your Halloween costume, complete with mask, I think people would be very happy (Related: make your own Halloween-themed mask). The dress code would still apply, but I think it could still be fun.

If we continue without a Halloween-themed day, that is okay too. I understand why we haven’t yet and I appreciate that we even do a spirit week in the first place. It makes school so much more fun. Still, I hope that we can have a Halloween day at some point in the future.