Keeping Horizon Honors Clean

The new school cleaning procedures can be irritating, but they are necessary to keep the school healthy and safe.


Kayli Taylor

Standard sanitization procedures at Horizon Honors.

Kayli Taylor, Columnist

School still has to go on. Horizon Honors wants the teachers, students, and staff members to be as safe as possible with the pandemic in mind. To this end, the Horizon Honors faculty made a cleaning checklist for each class. The teachers make sure that everything is sanitary and reduce body contact as much as possible. 

Now, for getting around the school, there is a one-way walk path, and you must stay socially distanced. If you have a class right next door you have to walk all the way around the school to get there. An interview was conducted with a couple of students at Horizon Honors.

Some students expressed frustration with the walk paths. Isabel Kasathsko (eighth grade): “I think that they are not really working because they are making us walk around a lot and the hallways aren’t making it really effective.”

Along with the new pathway, before you sit down at your desk you have to sanitize it. The teachers give you a paper towel to wipe down your desk, then they spray it with a special disinfecting spray. Then you wipe your whole desk, and the top of your chair. When Kasathsko was asked about the cleaning, she replied with “I do get annoyed with it at times, but it actually helps because not doing it can be a risk for someone to get sick.”

If your class uses computers, you also have to sanitize the computers, with the special spray that does not affect the computers. On top of that, we also sanitize our hands at least 10 times a day. Before and after class, and at lunch. Some students think this is too much sanitizing.

Abbi Prieto (seventh grade) said that “Teachers spray everything so much. The smell makes my head hurt, but I know it’s necessary to limit the spread of germs.” One student who was interviewed said they would keep some rules but change some as well. Kasathsko stated that “In the beginning I was annoyed because it was different, but now I got used to it, so I see how effective it is.” Prieto answered with “I don’t really mind the procedures. I know they are there to keep us safe.”

Although there may be a lot of cleaning procedures, this is what keeps Horizon Honors safe, and allows us to go to school. So please make sure you are cleaning everything to keep our community safe and to have a clean environment.