What’s the Deal With Clue?

With actors being quarantined and COVID-19 cases on the rise, what will happen to the Horizon Honors drama production, Clue?

Dont worry, the show will still go on!

Joshua Garrett

Don’t worry, the show will still go on!

Connor Davis, Columnist

With quarantine and masks being commonplace nowadays, it would make sense that it would make its way into school, but no one could predict how much it would affect the students and teachers here.

As cases rose at an alarming rate, it would make sense that Horizon Honors would take precautions to prevent the virus from affecting people, but it couldn’t work completely. There have been multiple confirmed cases at the school and with that comes quarantine for the cases and those who came into contact with them.

A few cases arose at the same time, and ended up quarantining most of the actors and some members of the tech team, leaving the question: “What happens to “Clue” now?” So, with the delay that ended up having the original dates for opening night and the following shows canceled, the play has been pushed back to December, with shows starting on the third and lasting until the eleventh of December. Rehearsals have also been delayed until a few days before Thanksgiving.

Tickets will still be sold up until opening night on the Horizon Dues and Payments page on the Horizon website here. With COVID still running rampant, the show has needed to make some changes to its format, with actors staying in one seat and making basic movements to show action, and more dynamic showing from the tech crew to make up for the lack of range. Either way, “Clue” has been changed to better suit the quarantine and will have changes updating the public as they are made.