Big Changes: New Schedule

Important modifications to Horizon Honors students’ weekly schedules have been made to help ensure safety among students, and allow the best possible sanitization on campus.

Kalyn McLeod, Editor of Campus Life and Sports

The Horizon Honors administration recently announced that starting Nov. 25, all secondary students will have asynchronous learning at home on Wednesdays. Students must do a mandatory check-in with their block one teacher through a Google Form in Google Classroom. Teachers for AP and Dual Enrollment classes will post assignments and important information that must be completed in whatever amount of time is allotted by the teacher. Other students are responsible for finishing and completing homework and assignments from early in the week. Student support is still available on these days, and can be attended virtually or in person from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. These modifications will allow for more time to complete a deep cleaning of the classrooms and other facilities. This is all being done to ensure the safety of students and staff members. Patience will be needed the first week or two with these implements, as it will be new to everyone. 

During this time of stress and change, it is important to stay strong and healthy as a community while we continue to reach for academic success.