“The Matchmaker” Information


Jolie Flack

Performance dates for “The Matchmaker.”

Julia Tucker, Columnist

The 2021 Spring Production at Horizon Honors is “The Matchmaker,” which is based off of the musical, “Hello Dolly.” In the show, a widow named Dolly Levi spends her life getting into other people’s business. She recently took up the job of finding a wife for Horace Vandergelder. She ends up helping other couples along the way, but Dolly may be hiding her real intentions. Who will end up with who? What is Dolly Levi’s true purpose?  Purchase a streaming license and watch the show at Broadway and Demand. Watching only costs $10 for any number of viewers.

Livestreamed Performances

Friday, April 23 at 7:30 pm

Saturday, April 24 at 3:30 pm

Friday, April 30th at 3:30 pm

Saturday, May 1st at 7:30 pm

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Julia Tucker 8th

Amelia McCrory 8th


Dolly Levi – Sadie Rich, senior

Horace Vandergelder – Ben Raimondo, senior

Irene Molloy – Lauren Taylor, senior

Minnie Fey – Kate Cochrane, senior

Cornelius Hackl – Yaniv Golden, junior

Barnaby Tucker – Liam Perezb, sophomore

Ambrose Kemper – Tyler Agostini, freshman

Miss Ermengarde – Emily Hoffman, sophomore

Gertrude – Nya Salahdeen, junior

Miss Flora Van Huysen – Nya Salahdeen, junior

Malachi Stack – Olivia Carter, senior

Joe Scanlon – Ben Colbrunn, freshman

The Cabbie – Ben Colbrunn, freshman

Rudolf – Noah Dinardo, senior

August – Bre Lewellen, senior

Miss Van Huysen Cook – Bre Lewellen, senior

I would like to thank Mr. Garrett, Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. McDaniel for working so hard to make this show possible.