“Solo” Stands Alone

Minor spoilers in the last paragraph for “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Xander Sharpe, Columnist

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” recently came out on May 25. Since then, it has received major hate, mainly because of Han Solo not being portrayed by Harrison Ford, but instead by Alden Ehrenreich. In my opinion, however, this was an amazing Star Wars movie and I don’t understand why people aren’t appreciating it. This standalone movie was an amazing idea and I supported it all the way back from when I heard about it. Not only is it an amazing film, it is also a tribute to the beloved character now gone from the series: Han Solo.

Alden Ehrenreich did a spectacular job portraying a young Han Solo. He was sarcastic, brave, and very talkative; all the traits that make up Han Solo. I really don’t agree with all of the criticism on Ehrenreich’s performance, but as Taylor Swift says, “haters gonna hate.” The actor of Chewbacca, Joonas Suotamo, who took over for Peter Mayhew since “The Force Awakens,” was also amazing as always. Donald Glover playing Lando Calrissian was an amazing performance as well and Glover mastered Lando’s charm. The other actors in this movie, who played new characters, were also very talented.

The soundtrack, orchestrated by John Powell and John Williams, was also an amazing addition that shouldn’t be forgotten. The background music was so prominent that I was still thinking about it after walking out of the theater. One of the pieces, called “Marauders Arrive,” was one of my favorites. I remembered hearing that in the movie and after I had to search it up because it was just so good. All the music in this movie fully contributed to the story and served to increase the tension.

The movie was astonishing because it was a simple story and didn’t have to be in a whole trilogy. It could do its own thing and that made it really unique and different, which I loved. The standalone Star Wars movies are a really good idea and I know I love them. I just had a couple of problems with this movie. A lot of things don’t get explored very well in the movie and it leaves us with questions that don’t get answered at some point. The second problem, which has to do with questions not being answered, is the relationship between Lando Calrissian and L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), the new droid in the movie. I didn’t understand if they were in a relationship or not. They kind of hinted it in the movie at different points, but never explained it. Other than those two things, “Solo” was a really good movie and it’s definitely worth the money, and make sure to stay till the end for a huge surprise.