Makeup Tutorial: Sparkly Rainbow Eyes

Tyler Danner, Columnist

You’ll Need:

Eyeshadow primer

– Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow or eyeliner

– Glitter eyeliner

– Black eyeliner

– White eyeliner

– Mascara

– Brushes

1. Apply a light-colored eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid and below your lower eyelashes.

2. Start with the red color and pat it into your inner corner.

3. Follow the red by putting sections of orange, then yellow, and then green.

4. Use an angle brush to apply blue along the green and extend the color along the lower lash line to the halfway point.

5. Use an angle brush to apply purple along the lower lashline until the tear duct.

6. Use pink (I used eyeliner because I thought it was easier) and apply it below the tear duct all the way back up into the red.

7. Use a black eyeliner and line the upper lashes.

8. Use a white eyeliner and line the lower waterline. Lightly blend the eyeshadow colors, then apply the glitter liner.

9. Be beautiful.