DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Jar

Ariana White, Columnist

Running out of ideas for Christmas gifts for your neighbors or friends? A jar filled of the ingredients to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate is an easy way to make a gift sure to please friends and neighbors. It looks creative and crafty, and can be assembled complete with a decorative jar in under an hour.


cocoa mix (approximately 6 packets per jar)

chocolate chips


10 candy canes

Decorative Materials:

medium sized jar


patterned construction paper


colorful pens, makers or crayons

hole puncher


The amount of ingredients will vary depending on the size of your jar. Layer the ingredients starting with the cocoa powder.

About six packets of cocoa mix will be necessary to fill a medium sized jar. The cocoa powder should fill the jar about halfway. In a bag, crush the candy canes using a meat mallet or your hand and add a layer above the cocoa mix. Then, add a layer of chocolate chips followed by a layer of marshmallows. The marshmallows are typically a favorite part of hot chocolate, so be sure to level extra room for them.

Use a dry paper towel to wipe the inside of the upper jar to remove excess powder. If necessary, gently shake the jar to level the ingredients. Seal the jar with the lid.

Use paper and ribbon to decorate the jar. You can create a label for the jar, or put a holiday greeting or message. Paper can also be added to the lid of the jar as an extra touch.

Give the completed project as a gift to a friend, family member, or neighbor.