Ariana White

Ariana White , Columnist

Ariana White is a girl trying to get her work done and get good grades, who always tries to  look at the glass as half full. This is her first year at Horizon, and she chose Journalism because she thought it would be neat to be able to write articles for the school website. When her mind is set on something, she is driven to finish it. She is determined to have a good school year, and she is ready for a challenge.

Personally, she loves Paris, exercising, and eating. Although she enjoys those three things, she wants to become a surgeon or photographer when she grows up. Both her dad and step mom are surgeons, and she finds it an interesting field of study. Whenever she sees something that to her mind is picture worthy, she will pull out her camera and take a picture. She has a big family, three sisters, one brother, and four stepbrothers. At home, she tries to help out as much as possible, while still managing to do homework. She is excited for this upcoming year and can't wait to learn.


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