Candy cane crafts


Photo credit: Emily LaBatt © 2013

Candy canes are a symbol of Christmas, and are an inspiration for holiday crafts. Get in the spirit by decorating your house and nails with candy cane prints!

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

Candy canes are a traditional Christmas treat, and their refreshing peppermint taste is incorporated in many holiday recipes. However, they also function as an adorable and festive decoration, and candy cane nails are a great way to show holiday spirit.

Candy Cane Nails:


white nail polish

a nail detail brush

red polish (sparkly or shimmery)

clear polish


1) Paint nails white.

2) Carefully paint diagonal red stripes on the dried white paint, varying thick and thin stripes, using the nail detail brush.

3) Paint a protective layer of clear polish over the design, and enjoy your festive nails.

Candy Cane Sign Holder:


three candy canes

cardstock paper

decorative Christmas paper

fine tip or metallic sharpies

gold or red ribbon

hot glue gun


1) Hot glue the three candy canes together upright to make a stand. The two facing outwards should be full candy canes, but the one in the back should be a partial candy cane used to prop the stand up. You can leave the canes wrapped if you plan to eat them, or unwrap them for a cleaner, more polished look. Before you glue the candy canes together make sure they fit together well, and that your candy canes will stand upright once glued together.

2) Tie a ribbon around the candy canes near the top.

3) Cut a sign out of the cardstock. Decorate your sign with festive paper and sharpies.

4) Display your project, or give it as a cute holiday gift.