Quiz Up For What

Logo by Plain Vanilla Games for “Quiz Up.”

Photo Courtesy of Plain Vanilla Games.

Logo by Plain Vanilla Games for “Quiz Up.”

Tyler Danner, Columnist

This past weekend my time was consumed by an app I discovered called “Quiz Up.” In the app, there are categories full of seven-question quizzes; things like Spongebob, biology, Britney Spears, spelling, grammar, and topics from every subject can be found. The app is simple in concept, yet it is extremely addictive. After every round, regardless of if you win or lose, you’re convinced that you could do just a little bit better, and you keep playing. The desire to have a great score is further fueled by badges you can earn. One by the name of “Zen Master” (earned by achieving a perfect score) has been my goal after earning eight other badges.

It’s been really interesting to go back and try to recall information I haven’t thought about in a long time. Taking quizzes in different school subjects can be fun to challenge your mind in bringing back things you haven’t done in a while. It’s also fun to see how bad I am at everything pop culture. The app is available for free in the App Store and is soon to be released to the Android market.