Healthy Eating Choices


These are some good foods you can eat as a delicious snack. The fruit make excellent smoothies as well. Yum!

The recent craze has been healthy eating. People are trying to improve their lifestyles through better eating habits, but some people don’t know where to start. However, there are plenty of simple and easy ways to improve your overall nutrition.

Maintaining a healthy diet and following the food pyramid can be hard, mainly because people don’t know how many servings they need. To keep a balanced diet, it is recommended that you eat at least two cups of fruit, three cups of vegetables, six ounces of protein, three cups of dairy, and two teaspoons of oil, along with eight cups of grain, and four ounces of whole grain daily. This may seem like a tall order to fill. So rather than trying to add all these things into your diet, replace some of the excess.

Replace the not so healthy food with more wholesome alternatives. Instead of milkshakes have a delectable smoothie filled with yummy fruit. The fruit inside makes it healthy, yet delicious, along with the milk or juice you put in. Ice cream is delicious on a hot summer day, but so is yogurt. Ice cream comes in a number of flavors, and so does yogurt. Yogurt can be just as delicious, and adding nuts or fruit can give it more pizzaz. Soda has tons of sugar in it, so instead of soda why not have juice. It has way less sugar and it can come in no sugar added variants. Though some may argue,“Sugar is what makes things good though.” Yes, yes it does. But eating too much sugar can be unhealthy without a balanced diet. Fruit does holds the juicy sweet flavor of sugar, but is has enough dietary fiber to balance out the natural sugar.

If you’re having trouble staying focused on eating healthier you can always ask friends or family members to help. They will be able to help you by reminding you to slow down to keeping a steady diet. There’s also the option of just slowly reducing what you eat or how much you eat. Maybe each day try to reduce how many grams of sugar you eat. No matter what people say, you will be able to. With a little bit of encouragement and a plan you’re ready to go.