It’s a Beautiful Day with Loving Lyfe

JK! Studios’s show “Loving Lyfe” is just as hilarious as the typo in its name.


JK! Studios

Episode five of the original “Loving Lyfe” season.

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief

YouTube may not be the most common place to find a good TV show. It would doubtfully be the first platform you check. However, “Loving Lyfe” is changing that. The wry humor of the show, created by the channel JK! Studios, keeps their audience coming back for more every time a new episode is released. With a brand new season, which came out on Jan. 30, fans are prepared for a whirlwind of laughs and boss babes.

According to IMDb, “Loving Lyfe” is a show found exclusively on YouTube. It is written and produced by JK! Studios, a sketch comedy group that thrives primarily on YouTube. The show is about three young women and their lives as internet sensations. It is made to be a parody of lifestyle vlogs and the sometimes outlandish tendencies of millennial mothers, and follows the lives of Nichelle (Natalie Madsen), Ashleee (Mallory Everton) and Bentley (Whitney Call), as well as their husbands.

JK! Studios is a group of 10 comedians who have dedicated their lives to creating clean, quality content for all age groups. According to Deseret News, the entertainers gained a following from their time at Studio C, a sketch comedy show on BYUtv. After their many years on the show, they cut ties with the network to start their own group in 2018, which they named JK! Studios. Their first videos on YouTube were sketches written by the cast, but they quickly uploaded their first show, “Loving Lyfe,” to YouTube last year. Since then, they started the hit show “Freelancers,” a podcast called “Do Your Worst,” and “Play or Pain,” a program where four of the cast members play a game with a challenge for the loser. Of course, they have continued to produce sketches throughout the year.

JK! Studios has recently started a new season of the show, with the first episode airing on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020. The trailer promises plenty of laughs and new characters, while still keeping up the legacy of season one with Nichelle, Ashleee, Bentley, Chad (Stacey Harkey), Chab (Jason Gray), and Ciad (James Perry). To watch the first season, click here, or to watch episode one of the next season, click here.

“Loving Lyfe” may be a witty critique of modern mothers, but it has just as many laughs as Chab has bad ideas. You’ll be laughing your pants off as you watch Bridgette (Naomi Winders) struggle to bring in the mail, two dog parents consult a pediatrician on the health of their “baby,” and Ciad drink a bowl of his wife’s “dirty face water.” JK! Studios truly keeps their fans loving their lives.