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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Carsten Oyer

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief

A senior at Horizon Honors, Carsten Oyer is entering his fifth year at the school and in Journalism and his third year as Editor-in-Chief of The Horizon Sun. Oyer is excited to spend his final year on the publication preparing the team for his departure and continuing to improve both the Sun’s reach and the journalistic skills of this year’s columnists. Outside of Journalism, Oyer enjoys English and history classes, and is currently taking AP Government. An avid reader and writer, Oyer writes most passionately about international relations and, in his spare time, philosophy. He is Student Body Vice President on Student Council, President of Model United Nations, and is treasurer of Linguistics Club. Oyer also enjoys community service and spending time with his pets, which include a cat, a dog, and a tank full of fish. As he leads The Horizon Sun for one final year, Oyer is excited to once again see new journalists find a passion for writing.

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Israels actions in the Gaza Strip are worthy of being called genocidal.

Israel Has Chosen Criminality

We all must resist the atrocities.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
May 21, 2024
A map of the states that are actively working to support student press freedoms.

Free Press after the Schoolhouse Gate

Students are often denied the right to write.
Kalyn McLeod and Carsten Oyer
August 22, 2023
Jack Teixeiras leaks prove a wider problem among young adults flirting with edginess.

When Trolling Goes Too Far: Jack Teixeira and the Groypers

The recent leak of classified documents is exemplary of a wider problem among the online youth.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
May 19, 2023
Kennah Burdette continues to amaze everyone with her swimming skills.

Making a Splash at Nationals

The Horizon Sun recognizes Kennah Burdette’s achievements in artistic swimming.
Carsten Oyer and Kalyn McLeod
April 27, 2023

O Say Can You See a New National Anthem?

“The Star Spangled Banner” is in dire need of replacement.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
April 21, 2023
The United States would do well to look at the facts and adopt a pragmatic policy on trade and foreign affairs.

Biden Isolates Europe and Asia, Ignores Reality

Recent meetings with the European Union’s Ursula von der Leyen reveal the need for Biden to separate himself from Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
March 30, 2023
Its undeniable: the U.S. cannot ignore its responsibilities to the Ukrainians.

American Obligations to the Ukrainian People

The United States has duties to a liberal world order; it must act on them in Ukraine.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
March 8, 2023
America demands justice from a broken police system.

More Police Brutality, Yet No More Reform

Tyre Nichols’s murder demonstrates that policing remains intensely corrupt.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
February 7, 2023
Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s win in Nevada is the nail in the coffin for expected Republican dominance.

Lessons Learned from the 2022 Midterms

2022 proved to be a maverick election, defying expectations and setting new ones.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 21, 2022
A chart of the range of IQ test scores.

IQ: The Intelligence Question

The IQ test is often seen as the paramount assessment of intellect- but how accurate are they?
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
January 10, 2021

Gratitude In a Gratitude-less Year

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
December 4, 2020
A map of the electoral votes for the 2020 presidential election.

A Walkthrough of the 2020 Presidential Election

The long awaited 2020 election is now at a close. Here’s how the votes came in.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 16, 2020

Student Support Significance

Student support may seem useless, but your teachers have different thoughts on the matter.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
October 28, 2020

Big Help for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been struggling recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting poor economy. Here are three ways that you can help out.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
October 27, 2020
A photo from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct of the expanded resident services building.

Nook Inc. Welcomes You

While earlier “Animal Crossing” games may have been great, the newest installment is sure to be the best yet.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
March 6, 2020
This schnitzel recipe is a perfect solution to anyone hoping to make a quick, filling, delicious meal.

Swimming in Schnitzel

Germany may be full of different and rather interesting meals, but to really get a taste of Deutschland, you have to try a real schnitzel.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
March 1, 2020
Girls Who Code encourages middle and high school girls to pursue programming careers.

Rewriting the Code

“Girls Who Code,” a new club at Horizon Honors, is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of girls and women in the field of computer science.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
February 23, 2020
Help Horizon Honors assist its elementary students in finding the perfect book.

Book Fair Fun

The Scholastic Book Fair is around the corner, and volunteers are needed.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
February 17, 2020
Episode five of the original “Loving Lyfe” season.

It’s a Beautiful Day with Loving Lyfe

JK! Studios’s show “Loving Lyfe” is just as hilarious as the typo in its name.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
February 2, 2020
The promotional poster of “Freaky Friday: the Musical.”

Freak Out!

Horizon Honors is putting on a “freaky” play this semester. Here’s what you need to know about our show, “Freaky Friday.”
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
January 19, 2020
Bah, Humbug: Stop Hating on Christmas Eve

Bah, Humbug: Stop Hating on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is almost upon us, and families will be scrambling to keep the kids busy before the big day. Here are four Christmas Eve activities that will cause kids of all ages to jump up and down with excitement.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
December 19, 2019
The jolly old fat man himself.

Ho Ho Huh?

During the holiday season, the world is abuzz with imagery of Santa Claus. However, few people know much about the origins of different aspects about Kriss Kringle.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
December 14, 2019
Come one, come all, to the Horizon Honors Family Fun Run!

A Run in the Sun

Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
December 7, 2019
The completed mousse cake.

A-Mousse Yourself

Scare away the winter with this mousse loaf cake, complete with berries for a fresh, fruity taste.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 30, 2019
Although philosophy may seem ancient, it has its place in modern times

Philosophy Shulomosophy

Philosophy isn’t just for old professors who teach the subject for a living, but is a topic that should be examined by everyone.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 25, 2019

Present-Day Paperbacks

Literature audiences are constantly changing, and authors are keeping up with the trends to create new, fresh novels.
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 9, 2019
Nothing says fall like DIY pumpkins.

Pumpkin Perfection

Get into the festive fall feeling with these fetching yarn pumpkins. They’re simple to make and look great anywhere!
Carsten Oyer, Editor-in-Chief
November 2, 2019
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