Quarantine Hobbies


Mitran Raja

A nano gauntlet created by Mitran Raja over quarantine.

Brandon Dosen, Columnist

Early in the year 2020, people went into quarantine because of a global pandemic, and many had to find new activities for their free time. Some of these are slight modifications to common hobbies, while others are completely different. While some of the most common hobbies are still being upheld, people are adding a twist to keep it exciting. 

For instance, some people watching Netflix add a bit of mystery to their watching list. Watching the movies that you have already seen can get boring, so try what others are doing and pick randomly. All you need to do is close your eyes and randomly scroll through different movies. When feeling content, you open your eyes and take a look at the next few hours of your life. Of course, some people are a bit picky and might not want to watch what they get, but that’s just a bit of extra adventure to watching a movie (Related: discover some hobbies which may be a little odd).

Another twist is video games. Sure, you can buy a lot of different video games to get something new every time, but that could take a lot of money. Instead, try to take everything you know about the game, throw it out the window, and play the game without doing anything the normal way. Rocket league? Try and keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. A first person shooter? Go the whole game using anything but a gun. They might seem a little weird, but it opens up brand new ways that give a new layer of difficulty. Finish the challenge and then make a new one.

Some people are also taking a different approach. Learning to make new things. Some people are trying to make and craft the essentials, whether it’s a mask or a pillow case, it’s fun to learn how to do new things. It feels good to use something that you know you made, something that you contributed to. Some even continue to make them, donating them for the people that could really need them. While learning how to make essentials can be fun, others are making really creative things. Whether it’s LEGOs or anything else you can find around the house, you can create things just for the fun of it. Some people are even making props from movies that they love, such as Mitran Raja, an eighth grader at Horizon Honors. He is using his time to make movie props from the movies he loves. His creations range from the nano gauntlet to stormbreaker, both from Marvel. His creativity shows how you can bring to life your favorite films.

Something else you can try is learning how to code. Making your own game, whether it’s simple but addicting or complicated, can be an amazing experience. Try to share those games with friends and get feedback to see where you can improve and make changes. It’s the infinite possibilities that make for endless fun.

The quarantine could leave open a whole lot of extra time and limit your social activities although, it also forces you to open your horizons and try something new. Do something you always wanted to do but never acted on, or something you never even thought of doing. While the pandemic might be a bad thing, the silver lining is in these amazing hobbies.