Being Thankful During Hard Times


Rebecca Harris

Skiing with family has always been a tradition that, unfortunately, will not be carried out this year.

Rebecca Harris, Columnist

2020 has been a difficult year and with Thanksgiving around the corner, gratitude has never been more imperative. I’ve started to realize that we take so much for granted, like being able to see family and friends, even the simple things like going shopping or eating out. One of the biggest things I will forever be grateful for is that my family and friends are safe and healthy. I’m glad that everyone is in good health, and that nobody, as far as I know, has gotten severely sick. This year has been so challenging, especially because I haven’t been able to see a lot of my family. I’m very unhappy that I won’t be able to spend time with my cousins or my aunt, because they live on the other side of the country. This year will definitely lack the usual skiing, laughs, and merriment that normally goes on during the holiday time. I also miss being able to hang out with my friends. Normally, Thanksgiving time is about sharing noodle kugel and stories with my friends at school, but this year I won’t be able to do that. On top of that, 2020 will not allow for the traditional family dinner. Usually, my family’s Thanksgiving dinner consists of 12 people and this year it was only half that. I’m grateful that my family is okay, and I know why we can’t meet for Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t hurt any less knowing that I won’t be able to hear the long debates and conversations that happen at the dinner table. I’ll miss my family and friends and all our conversations, but take comfort in knowing that they are safe, healthy, and happy.