Remembering to be Grateful

During this time, it is especially important to remember what we are grateful for.


Jolie Flack, Columnist

This year has been hard for all of us. In these times, it’s often easier for us to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Likewise, it’s important to be thankful for and not take opportunities and objects for granted. 

During this season of life, I am so grateful for my friends and family. They always have my back and are there for me if I’m having a tough day. They support me and I am able to talk to them and tell them how I am feeling. Another thing that I am thankful for is my two cats. About a month ago my family and I adopted another cat and I am so grateful for him. The two felines make me laugh and comfort me when I am sad. I am thankful for my health as well as my family. Many people have had loved ones pass away this year due to the pandemic. I am so grateful that none of my family members have had COVID – 19 and have all continued to stay safe and healthy. Lastly, I am so grateful for school. I am blessed that we can still continue to do school, even with some people being online and some in-person, and that we have the technology to do so.