Kolache Cafe’s Grand Opening


AZ Republic

The Kolache Cafe brings its delightful assortment of the Czech pastry to Arizona.

Luke Culver, Student Opinion Editor

On Jan. 8, 2021, the long awaited Kolache Cafe finally opened. For those who don’t know what a kolache is, it is a sweet Czech pastry that is commonly produced in Texas. The Kolache Cafe has opened with a limited amount of flavors. However, on January 15th, the cafe will have its grand opening, where they will release their most desired and unique flavors. As of now, the cafe’s flavors consist of cheesecake, blueberry, raspberry, apricot, and cheesecake variants of the fruit flavored kolaches. On the savory side of things, the cafe also offers Texas style kolaches, consisting of pepperoni pizza, hot dog, smoked sausage with cheese, jalapeno smoked sausage, and more. Based on the time of day, the Kolache Cafe offers different flavors, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner kolaches. As a worker for the cafe, I suggest getting the raspberry cheesecake and sausage egg kolaches. For more information about the cafe, please visit their website here (Related: if you’re still interested in local restaurants, check out Joe’s Farm Grill).