2020-2021 Hybrid Learning Reflection

Amiyah Jada Owens, Columnist

The 2020-2021 school year has been very hectic, mainly due to the fact that there was “hybrid learning.” This was very difficult for everyone because there have been students doing school from home and students who have been learning on campus. There were numerous problems such as network errors, social distancing, wearing masks and more. 

Are you an Online or In-person student?

  • Ainsley Olvey, 7th grade: In-person student
  • Grace Freed, 7th grade: In-person student
  • Kalyn McLeod, 8th grade: In-person student
  • Nessah Wendt, 7th grade: In-person student
  • Abbi Prieto, 7th grade: In-person student
  • Noah Thompson, 8th grade: In-person student
  • Keenan Christensen, 7th grade: Online student
  • Anonymous student, 8th grade: Online student
  • Connor Davis, 10th grade: Online student

What were the pro’s of your learning choice?

  • AO: I got to see my friends again and not have to worry about the internet going out.
  • GF: I can hear the teacher a lot better than online and I can understand the topics more as well. I can also now ask for help without everyone hearing.
  • KM: For me being on campus allowed me to engage in my classes more, and not get distracted as easily as I would at home.
  • NW: I love getting to talk with my classmates. Since it was my first year at Horizon Honors, I really enjoyed getting to know and work with new people.
  • AP: I think it is easier to learn in-person and get to see your friends more often.
  • NT: I get to have lunch with and talk to my friends and just more social interactions in general.
  • KC: The pros of online learning was that it is easier to focus on school work.
  • AS: Transitions were a lot less hectic, and it was quieter, which made it easier to do work. There was also less risk of getting covid.
  • CD: It was much easier to access online notes.

What were the cons of your learning choice?

  • AO: I didn’t get to make lunch at home and I have to get driven to and from school.
  • GF: Masks for sure, and having to clean all the time.
  • KM: Returning to campus was hard for me because I have social anxiety, and I haven’t interacted with a lot of people since the start of the pandemic. It made it hard for me to answer questions or give presentations.
  • NW: It gets a little complicated with hybrids. Especially working in hybrid groups because the classroom is often loud so it’s hard to hear at times. But for the most part it is easily enjoyable being in-person. 
  • AP: I found the masks and cleaning procedures to be a little annoying. 
  • NT: I have to get up a lot earlier to go to school and I have a more limited selection for lunch. In addition, I don’t get to play with my dog during breaks and lunch. If I leave something at home, I can’t go and get it for the entire school day. 
  • KC: The cons of online learning for me was that I couldn’t socialize. Even though I could text, I missed the factor of actually talking face to face with my friends.
  • AS: It wasn’t as easy to talk to people, because you couldn’t just walk up to them and start having a conversation.
  • CD: Staring at a screen for seven hours and connection issues on the school’s end.

Do you prefer Online or In-person learning? 

  • AO: In-person.
  • GF: In person; I like to see my friends and have social interaction.
  • KM: I prefer in-person better because I feel more connected, and it is a lot easier for me to learn in person.
  • NW: I prefer in-person learning. I like to interact with my teachers and classmates.
  • AP: I prefer in-person because it is the closest to normal life.
  • NT: I prefer being in-person because sitting at the computer all day hurts my brain and eyes . Also, I get to be with my friends and talk, as well as be able to play in a band. I also get to be more of a part of what happens in class.
  • KC: Even though I said a lot of cons about online learning, I preferred it because it didn’t require me to move across the campus and I could be on time for classes without moving at all. 
  • AS: I think I prefer online. It’s just so much quieter.
  • CD: In person because it is much easier to get questions answered without having to wait for a response. 

How well do you think hybrid learning worked on a scale of 1-5?

  • AO: 1/5
  • GF: 4/5
  • KM: 4/5
  • NW: 4/5
  • AP: 3/5
  • NT: 3/5
  • KC: 3/5
  • AS: 3/5
  • CD: 2/5

It was obvious that hybrid learning was difficult but it worked out in numerous ways. Horizon still arranged in-person things like book fairs, yearbook pictures and signings, student support, clubs, and special events like movie & game nights and prom. This year might have been an obstacle, but it was a great year overall.