Phoenix Metaphysical Shops

The metaphysical might seem like a small industry, but it can be quite popular.

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The metaphysical might seem like a small industry, but it can be quite popular.

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist

The amount of metaphysical shops in Phoenix might surprise you, but it’s really not that strange considering the growing popularity of tools such as tarot decks, rocks, or sage. The internet has largely helped this popularity boost by introducing new beliefs and making it so much easier to find information on these practices and beliefs. You can look up “spirituality” and immediately come up with thousands of results to help you learn. “Metaphysical” means beyond the physical. It’s an umbrella term that includes new age beliefs, astrology, Wicca or Paganism, and anything in between. What it’s really about is the belief of something beyond the physical world; a different layer of life usually operating unnoticed.

Fantasia Crystals is one great option if you’re looking for incense, jewelry, or books, but their tarot collection really steals the spotlight. It’s truly amazing how many books and tarot decks they can fit into one room of their shop! Whatever theme of deck you’re looking for, they’ll probably have it. Featuring anything from cats to video games to circuses, their collection truly is impressive.

Everything Just Rocks is the perfect place for anyone searching for rocks. Not only does this location include jewelry, sculptures, and a jaw-dropping collection of rocks, it also has a meditation room where you can sign up to meditate! As if this were not enough, they even have an entire room dedicated to amethyst. Additionally, they also have a small section dedicated to tarot decks. It’s a very gorgeous store, and when you walk in you’re almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stones they have. Whatever rock you’re searching for, you’re sure to find it here.

Natural Expressions Inc. is yet another fantastic location that specializes in stones. Not only do they sell rocks, they also produce rock powder. Featuring a showroom for their valuable rock decor, Natural expressions contains dozens of fascinating treasures. 

There are many more than the two shops mentioned here, and all of them are totally worth checking out. Shops like these are great places to go for people just starting out with spirituality and the metaphysical, experienced people, and everyone in between.