Radio Club’s music at lunch

Radio Clubs music at lunch

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

Almost every day students from seventh and eighth grade gather around the Radio Club cart, singing and dancing to their favorite songs. However, some students do not enjoy this interruption of their peaceful lunchtime.  It is true that this band and many others have been overplayed.  People enjoy listening to popular hits, but not twice every day.  There are other students who claim that Radio Club’s blasting music shatters their peaceful lunchtime conversations. Not everyone wants to hear Katy Perry sing while they eat their sandwich.  However, it is good to take into consideration that the students choose where they sit, and could enjoy their meals in the indoor lunchrooms.

Some students enjoy Radio Club and their music choices. “I love Radio Club!” says seventh grader Jessica Espinoza.  It is true that they do play popular, school appropriate songs.  It would be nearly impossible to please every student, seeing as everyone has different styles and tastes.  So even if you’re not digging One Direction, the person across from you might be. Radio Club does a pretty good job of catering to the many different musical interests of Horizon Honors students, while still providing exciting, clean entertainment.