Indecent or Acceptable?


Photo courtesy of Daisy Valentin © Daisy Valentin 2014

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

As Horizon Honors’ high school and middle school students cheer from the bleachers, Spiritline yells to the crowd to arouse school spirit. Spiritline is a group of eight cheerleaders who perform at school pep rallies and in state-level competitions outside of school. However, their short skirts detract from their well choreographed dances and carefully performed stunts.

I can’t help but wonder why cheerleaders are allowed to wear such short skirts. Some may say it is because of the sport. However, athletes in other sports are required to dress up on game day, but still stay within the boundaries of the school dress code. The Horizon Honors handbook clearly states that shorts and dresses should be no shorter than the fingertips when arms are extended at the side – cheer skirts certainly don’t fit that criteria. Cheerleaders shouldn’t be an exception to school rules.

It isn’t really necessary for cheerleaders to wear their outfits all day. Their uniforms are perfectly fine while performing cheers and dances at school events, but aren’t appropriate to wear in the classroom. They could instead show school pride by dressing up nicely during the day, and changing before and after their performances. Think of how a touring parent and potential student would view Horizon Honors if they were to see the cheerleaders: immodest and unprofessional.

Although Spiritline shows school pride, their outfits that break school dress code aren’t imperative. It wouldn’t really hurt to make their skirts a little longer, or to switch to shorts or athletic pants. Whether Spiritline is performing at a pep rally, or at a competition, they represent our school. If Spiritline dresses immodestly, it could affect how people see our school as a whole.