Generation: Barnacle

Society today has developed into nothing but barnacles latching onto the latest trend.

Cooper Brown, Columnist

I used to love eggs, and now I have some serious misgivings after a video I saw that came out recently. A group of 19 Taylor Swift-enthusiasts promised on their Tumblr accounts that if Swift would follow them on that site, they would smash eggs over their heads. Much to their surprise, Swift followed them all, and thus the video was created. The video shows all the fans fulfilling their promise. I do a facepalm when I watch this because it’s the same thing that’s been occurring for a while now.

Kids in this generation have started this trend of creating videos of them doing something ridiculous, uncomfortable, or painful. All of this in an effort, it seems, to grasp attention or become part of the majority. It was the same situation with the ALS ice bucket challenge. Hundreds of thousands of people did it to impress their peers while most ignored the underlying cause of the movement. I am embarrassed to reveal that I actually made one of these videos myself.

We are all just a bunch of barnacles floating through this ocean that is society and social media. Suddenly, as we’re drifting along, a whale passes by and picks up all the barnacles. The whale represents the ridiculous trends and now we crustaceans are caught fast. Then, as we realize that we are acting foolishly by buying into these things, we fall off of the whale and drift back into deep thought. What we were doing on that big, dumb thing in the first place?

I’m not saying there isn’t any value in displaying your appreciation of Taylor Swift and all of her glory. But there is a line that is being crossed more and more frequently, and it stems from social unawareness. Just think twice the next time you begin to stick to a whale.